Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mule appearance

Mules look similar to donkeys and horses.


Samuel said...

Mules, having hybrid vigor, can grow taller than both parents. Weight for weight they are stronger than horses, and are much longer-lived with much longer working lives, although maturing slightly later. They rarely become ill or lame or suffer wounds, can withstand extremes of temperature, can live on frugal rations, have tremendous stamina and resilience and are exceptionally sure-footed.

Samuel said...

A mule is a hybrid animal, which is created by the mating of a jack (male donkey) with a mare(female horse), bred as a work animal.

-The S Mule

Samuel said...

It was George Washington who first bred mule in United States and now, it is mainly found in the southeastern states. George Washington loved horses but felt they ate too much and wouldn't be suitable for a lot of work around his plantation. He had heard about mules, and that they made good farm animals. So he contacted the U.S. ambassador in Spain to ask about them. In 1785, King Charles III of Spain sent Washington a male donkey as a gift. Washington then imported jack stock (male Donkeys) from Spain and France and began breeding mules on his own. Some mules in America today are descendant from this original Washington bloodline of mules.